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The Pain Correction Process

What makes our process unique? Three things for you to know:

#1 Our process is focused on you

  • You will tell us your history and your challenges with pain
  • We will make sure that your problem is something that we can help
  • Your problem will get a focused exam – including reviews of any x-rays, MRIs, and other studies you may have

Once we know

  • Your story
  • And know that we can most likely help you,

you will get a plan for care that will have the best chance of decreasing your pain over time.

#2 We understand the mechanical causes of pain

Most chronic pain is found in the body’s bone, joint, muscle, and ligament systems – and this kind of pain is the majority of chronic pain affecting middle aged and older adults.

This pain is called musculoskeletal pain.

Musculoskeletal pain is often a mechanical problem. Often these mechanical problems are difficult to treat with conventional treatment methods because:

  • Drugs reduce inflammation – but don’t fix the mechanical problems causing the pain
  • Where a pain is happening isn’t always where the pain comes from – which requires a mechanical understanding of pain and inflammation

#3 Our process uses procedures and technology that relieve that mechanical causes of pain

  • Gentle skeletal alignment procedures improve your ability to move and to balance, while decreasing tension and discomfort
  • Healing technology in the form of Class IV lasers (among other tools) focuses therapeutic energy on the weak joints and muscles that are causing pain

Our process gives you a unique combination of healing tools that gets to the root of your pain and discomfort


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