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Constant attacks of knee pain? Learn how to treat your pain with laser technology that eliminates your need for drugs, injections, and surgeries

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Now is a great time to learn how to treat your knee pain, without drugs, injections, rehab, or even surgery

We treat the most common and frustrating causes of knee pain with a healing technology that’s been used successfully for over 10 years.


The most common causes of knee pain (including meniscus pain) respond to our healing technology.

It doesn’t require pain pills, injections, time-consuming exercises, or outpatient surgery.

You can treat your knee pain while you relax and close your eyes, comfortably reclined on our treatment table.

Did you know? Knee pain has many causes, including

  • osteoarthritis
  • meniscus problems and
  • other injuries that stretch, tear, and stress ligaments, strain muscles, and wear down the joints
“Laser therapy shows strong evidence of effectiveness for pain relief.”
– International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP)

Most causes of knee pain lead to aggravating and frustrating episodes of swelling and inflammation. With swelling and inflammation comes pain and discomfort…Stabbing, aching, grinding, lightening bolts, or any number of uncomfortable sensations depending on the day and how you’re using your knee.

We know you have many options when it comes to treating your knee pain: injections, pain killers, therapy, and even the possibility of a surgery


But if you’re like many of the knee pain patients who find relief with our technology, you’ve already tried one, some, or even all of these treatments…and found out that that ending knee pain is not as easy you wish it could be.

  • You may have found that you don’t like the side effects of these treatments
  • Or the time it takes to get results
  • Or even the new aches and pains these treatments can cause
I am an active senior and suffered a sports related injury several years ago. After initial recovery I was left with very severe tendonitis in my lower leg. I received little relief from traditional ice and massage therapies. I underwent non-traditional injection therapy which, after initial discomfort, provided significant relief. As I continued my sports activities, the tendonitis returned several months later, but repeating the injection therapy provided little relief.
I then tried laser therapy, which provided instant relief and no discomfort. I was able to immediately continue my activities…
– G. DeVicci

After spending your time and energy on other methods, finding knee pain relief with high powered lasers feels easier than it should

  • There’s no habit forming prescriptions, no irritation to your stomach, straining on the toilet, or any of the other unmentionable side effects that can come with pain pills
  • There’s no painful rehabilitation and time-consuming exercise
  • And most important of all, there’s no needles, no knife, and no surgery

Compared to the lengths that many people like you have gone to to escape a chronic knee pain, a 20 minute laser treatment session feels like a walk in the park.

“These findings mandate the conclusion that laser phototherapy is highly effective…for tissue repair and pain relief.”
– Journal of Photomedicine and Laser Surgery

What is high powered laser, and how does it reduce and even eliminate knee pain?


High powered laser lowers inflammation and reduces pain in the body’s muscles, bones, ligaments, and nerves. It’s like getting the best of ice and heat at the same time. But the technology does more than that.

Lasers can also accelerate a healing response in the body. Light energy to stressed and damaged cells can actually increase their healing activity. Kind of like boosting battery power, laser energy increases the energy level of cells, making healing feel faster.

Our technology uses focused infrared light. All delivered at powers high enough to deliver 2,000 to 6,000 joules of energy in just a few minutes – safely and comfortably.

With infrared, high powered laser we target:

  • the damaged area of your knee based on any x-ray or MRI findings you may already have
  • and the most common sources of knee pain, including the major muscles, ligaments, and meniscus of the knee

High powered and mobile lasers make your treatment effective and comfortable after years of development

  • Laser therapy has been used in Europe since the 1970s
  • Cleared for use in the US by the FDA with decades of research
  • Lower powered lasers (Class III) were first cleared in 2003, with high powered laser (Class IV) cleared by the FDA in 2004

Over the past decade, advances in Class IV technology have made high powered lasers smaller, more mobile, and more affordable for non-surgical procedures, like treating chronic cases of knee pain, including tears of the meniscus


With higher powered options CLASS IV lasers offer patients

  • A variety of power settings to treat different conditions across multiple areas of the body
  • A compact treatment wand that can comfortably target small and large painful areas
  • Technology that delivers more joules of healing energy in less time

Being a laser therapy patient is comfortable and easy as you save time with our doctor supervised procedures

  • Our technology requires minimal touching, while you stay clothed over non-treatment areas
  • You can treat multiple issues in multiple body regions on the same visit with 20 minute or less sessions
  • Your care from start to finish is doctor supervised,  and all technicians are trained to treat your specific condition

While every person is different, many of our knee pain patients notice a decrease in their pain in just 1 to 2 treatment sessions

  • High powered laser stimulates the healing response quickly – leading to a decrease in overall pain
  • Longer lasting pain relief is expected after more treatment sessions in most cases
  • Age, condition of the knee, and the nature of your injury may increase or decrease the time needed to experience relief and healing of your knee pain

Are you ready for a new solution for your knee pain?


You can relax and be assured that the most likely cause of your knee pain and inflammation will be found and treated – and you’ll feel a change for the better in a reasonable amount of time


482031103_a9064a9862We love serving knee pain patients like you, who are unhappy with a life of knee pain and who want to get active again.

It’s too much work to  have to limit your activities or plan your day around a pain that leaves you feeling disabled.

We especially have found great success with patients who haven’t found the total or partial relief that they’re seeking in other treatment methods, like drugs, rehab, or even surgery.

If you can imagine a life without knee pain, then you’re definitely invited to call toll free (844) 603-6103 to reach our Columbus, OH location, located in the Grandview Heights and Upper Arlington area. Please, don’t let this opportunity pass you by without speaking with our Columbus area doctor.

Recently I suffered a torn meniscus and the recommended treatment was either physical therapy or a laser treatment….After the first laser treatment, I noticed significant improvement in the pain and tenderness I was experiencing.  Now two months later, I have zero effects from the torn meniscus!
– J. Rubin

Visit our Columbus location for your free trial, and meet with your local expert in the aches and pains of the joint, muscle, and skeletal systems


Your free trail with high powered laser surgery is more than just a session with our laser technician. You’ll receive an important opportunity to meet our local doctors, experts in muculoskeletal pain and recovery.

  • Successfully treating knee pain patients in Columbus, Ohio since 2009
  • Known names in the Grandview Heights and Upper Arlington community
  • Licensed Professionals with Doctorate Degrees in the biomechanics of the human spine and joint system

Trusted resources for knee pain and the Pain Correction Process in Columbus with a process that’s focused on you

  • You will tell us your history and your challenges with pain
  • We will make sure that your problem is something that we can help
  • Your problem will get a focused exam – including reviews of any x-rays, MRIs, and other studies you may have

Our Columbus providers understand that the mechanical causes of knee pain


Laser therapy providers for knee pain in Columbus OH

Most chronic pain is found in the body’s bone, joint, muscle, and ligament systems – and this kind of pain is the majority of chronic pain affecting middle aged and older adults – including in chronic knee pain.

This pain is called musculoskeletal pain.

Musculoskeletal pain is often a mechanical problem. Often these mechanical problems are difficult to treat with conventional treatment methods because:

  • Drugs reduce inflammation – but don’t fix the mechanical problems causing the pain
  • Where a pain is happening isn’t always where the pain comes from – which requires a mechanical understanding of pain and inflammation, especially in the knee

Our Columbus office uses procedures and technologies that relieve the major causes of knee pain

  • Gentle skeletal alignment procedures improve your ability to move and to balance, while decreasing the tension and discomfort of knee pain
  • Healing technology in the form of Class IV lasers focuses therapeutic energy on the weak and injured joints, muscles, ligaments that are causing pain
  • Our process gives you a unique combination of healing tools that gets to the root of your pain and discomfort

Treat your knee pain at our convenient location near main Columbus freeways and Ohio State University


Our office in Columbus is in the Grandview and Upper Arlington area with convenient access to local freeways, including only a few minutes from:

  • US-670
  • US-70
  • State 315
  • State 33
  • Ohio State University Campus
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Now is the time to treat your knee pain without any unnecessary surgery, injections, or medications

Less knee pain

Comfortably treat the major causes of knee pain, including the meniscus.

Fewer side effects

Stop the side effects. Pain medications can actually slow your knee from healing.

Back to what you love

Reduce the stress of down time from knee pain. Get back to what you love.

Being a laser therapy patient is easy

Feel comfortable

Our technology requires minimal touching, while you stay clothed over non-treatment areas.

Save time

You can treat multiple issues in multiple body regions on the same visit. With 20 minute or less sessions.

Doctor supervised

Your care from start to finish is doctor supervised. Technicians are trained to treat your specific condition.

Treat your knee pain with the technology featured on…


How to Claim Your Free 10 minute Session of Laser Therapy

First time patients try the healing warmth of our technology in Columbus without risk

It’s easy to claim your free 10 minute trial session with our Class IV high powered laser therapy. Many first-time patients even experience a noticeable change in their symptoms after their initial trial session.

Reduce your use of prescriptions, over-the-counter drugs, and injections

Reduce your rest time for healing

Get active again


This is a limited time offer for a trial session of Class IV laser therapy in Columbus, OH


As you make your trial appointment at our Columbus location, please keep in mind:

  • This is a popular offer
  • There may be a limited number of sample sessions with our area provider
  • Contact us today to find out when our next available appointment is available for you in our Grandview Heights and Upper Arlington location

As you get ready to call us, you should know…

  • There’s absolutely no obligation to continue laser sessions beyond your free trial
  • Not everyone who calls for a free trial is a good fit for laser therapy based on their history
  • You’re guaranteed to get our provider’s best estimation of your success, and you’ll only be accepted as a laser therapy patient if success is likely in your case

Laser therapy is a powerful healing technology, so call today to learn your potential for success and to claim your initial free trial session for knee pain…the sooner you start the better!


Schedule today for the first available appointment

To claim your trial session of laser therapy for knee pain, call our Columbus location by dialing and speak directly with our front desk to schedule your trial (844) 603-6103.

As appointments are limited by our provider’s availability, call today to schedule your trial session as soon as possible.

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Do you have more questions about laser therapy? Be sure to call the number above or carefully read the following Frequently Asked Questions that we receive from patients like you on a regular basis.

What kind of healing technology is used by your providers?

Our primary technology are Class IV infrared therapy lasers.

Class IV lasers gently warm the problem area while delivering infrared laser energy, decreasing pain and inflammation, and often improving healing times.

Is Class IV laser therapy treatment painful?

No, treatment with Class IV laser therapy is not painful.

You’ll experience a gentle warming sensation over the treatment area.

Occasionally patients experience other mild sensations of healing, like itching and tingling on the surface of the skin.

Do I need to remove my clothing to receive Class IV laser therapy?

No, you don’t need to remove your clothing to receive Class IV laser therapy.

Only the skin over the treatment area needs to be uncovered. In most cases, clothing can be moved or pushed aside from the treatment area. In some cases athletic shorts and sleeveless tops are helpful for reaching the treatment area.

Any treatment directed at sensitive areas will be properly draped to respect privacy.

How many Class IV laser therapy sessions will I need?

The length of your treatment depends on:

  • Where you’re problem is located and what caused it
  • How long you’ve dealt with your issue
  • Lifestyle choices, like diet and exercise contributing to your inflammation

Most patients require between 6 to 12 treatment sessions.

How much does Class IV laser cost? Does insurance cover it?

Our providers offer competitive rates for high powered laser therapy. Total costs depends on

  • Your area
  • Your particular health concern and treatment needs
  • The provider’s fee scale which is not set by this website

Insurance may offer reimbursement for Class IV laser therapy

  • In cases of personal and auto inury
  • In workers comp cases

Despite decades of use in Europe, and 13+ years of use in the US., most commercial insurances are not reimbursing for laser therapy at this time.

Is Class IV laser therapy the same thing as cold laser?

Cold laser is a different laser technology than Class IV lasers.

Providers affiliated with this website use Class IV infrared therapeutic lasers. These are sometimes called deep tissue or high powered lasers as opposed to cold laser.

There are benefits to both kinds of laser, but our associated providers have chosen Class IV lasers because of the advantages this kind of laser offers.

Cold lasers use less power.

Cold lasers use less power than high powered lasers. Cold lasers are Class III lasers, which are rated at a 1/2 watt of energy and below. Since, they use less energy Class III lasers are called “cold” and sometimes “low level light therapy.”

The warming sensation of Class IV is not experienced with Class III.

(Technically only a certain kind of Class III laser is considered a cold laser,  but the name is used for nearly all Class III lasers.)

Class IV lasers offer a warming sensation.

Class IV lasers use 1 watt to up to 60+ watts of energy. However most pain-relieving lasers are set between 1 and 15 watts.

Class IV lasers and have many different uses depending on the laser aperture or tool. For example, dental and minor cosmetic surgery is possible with the lasers used in our offices. The lasers you’ll experience are fitted with a therapeutic head, and not a surgical head. The power is used to penetrate the tissue to help deliver infrared laser to encourage pain relief and healing.

Most patients are not concerned with the difference between laser types. In fact, most aren’t aware there are differences in laser technology and most are still happy with their treatment.

What's the difference between Class III and Class IV lasers?

This is a technical question that doesn’t interest all patients. However, every once and someone wants to know the overall differences between Class III and Class IV lasers.

Here are the major differences:

  • Class III lasers use 1/2 of watt of power, and Class IV lasers use 1 watt of power or more
  • Class III cannot heat the tissues, and Class IV users provide tissue heating
  • Class III can be touched directly to the skin, and the laser diode can be left without moving, and Class IV do not touch the skin and the diode must be kept moving by the provider to avoid overheating the treatment area if the wattage or power setting is set above 1 to 2 watts
  • Class III delivers several hundred joules of energy per square inch of treatment area per minute, and  Class IV lasers deliver several thousands of joules of energy per square inch
  • Class III lasers are said to heal by the use of a the laser wavelength, and Class IV lasers are said to heal by the use of the laser wavelength and joules of energy delivered to the treatment area
  • Class III and Class IV lasers have different wavelengths, and some include the infrared spectrum
  • Class III and Class IV lasers have different diode shapes which the providers select based on their needs
  • Class III and Class IV laser deliver light energy with different wavelengths and different firing rates, or frequencies, which are selected by the provider

Are lasers regulated by the FDA?

Yes, lasers are regulated by the FDA.

All laser brands and types used by our providers are FDA cleared devices. The conditions and source of pain found on this website are cleared by FDA for laser treatment. The first lasers cleared for human use were approved in 2002. Class IV lasers began their clearance in 2004.

What are the most common conditions you treat?

We have a list of the common pain areas for laser treatment on this page. If you have a particular question about a condition, you can always use our contact form or call our toll free number to be connected to our provider in your area.

How do lasers heal?

The short and non-technical answer:

Class IV lasers decrease tissue inflammation and reduce pain. In some ways, it is like getting the best of ice and heat at the same time.

But the technology does more than that.

Lasers can also accelerate a healing response in the body by providing light energy to stressed and damaged cells.

Here is the longer, and more technical answer:

  • Laser is an acronym. It means “Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation.
  • Therapeutic lasers delivers a beam of light from the red or infrared light spectrum. Most of the lasers used by our providers do both. Red lasers are visible to the naked eye, but infrared is outside the spectrum of visible light and cannot be seen.(Infrared light from Class IV lasers require the use of special safety glasses to protect the retina. All our providers use these glasses.)
  • The red or infrared light is delivered at a single wavelength and is absorbed by the body.
  • Individual cells absorb the red and infrared light and the energy centers of the cells are activated.

Lasers stimulate cells to heal:

  • Laser delivers radiation energy in the form of red and infrared, compressed electromagnetic signal, or light.
  • This red and infrared energy activates photo-active organs within human cells. These phot0-active organs are known as mitochondria.
  • Mitochondria are like the engine of the cell, as they produce the fuel of the cell in the form of a chemical called ATP. The mitochondria have certain enzymes (cytochromes) that will increase their chemical reactions with exposure to laser energy.

Like boosting battery power, laser energy increases the energy level of damaged and stressed cells, reducing healing time frames.

There are several known effects from consistent laser treatment:

  • Laser increases blood flow to the treatment area, and can even produce development of new blood vessels.
  • Laser increases production of collagen in the treatment area, which makes tissue in the treatment area healthier and more elastic while tending to reduce scar tissue.
  • Laser increases cartilage health.
  • Laser helps muscle cells regenerate and become stronger.
  • Laser accelerates and reduces the inflammation process by bringing certain inflammatory cells to the treatment area (macrophages, neutrophils, and lymphocytes).
  • Laser accelerates nerve regeneration (myelin formation).
  • Laser increases the activity of the cells that regenerate bone (osteocytes).