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Treat the pain of 18 different conditions without surgery, injections, or medications

Laser therapy - FDA cleared since 2002 for the treatment of pain and inflammation. Safe and effective for bones, muscles, joints, and nerves.

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“Laser therapy shows strong evidence of effectiveness for pain relief.”
– International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP)

Less pain

Pain takes you away from what you need to do. Like your focus on your work, your family, and your friends. Our technology treats the pain and inflammation of 18 different conditions.

Fewer side effects

Pain medications can actually slow your healing. Popular pain medications reduce blood flow to damaged tissues. And create other areas of discomfort with the possibility of nausea and constipation and even addiction.

Back to what you love

Reduce the stress of down time. Laser therapy has been shown to reduce healing times in many people. Get active again. And get back to what you love.

Areas of Pain & Conditions that Respond

These are the main treatment areas and conditions that respond to our therapy

Arthritis (Joint Pain)
Carpal Tunnel (Wrist & Hand Pain)
Headache and Neck Pain
Knee Pain (Joint & Meniscus)
Muscle Pain (Fibromyalgia & Myofascial)

Neuropathy (Nerve Pain)
Plantar Fasciitis (Heel & Foot Pain)
Rotator Cuff (Shoulder)
Scar Pain
Spine & Neck Pain
Spinal Disc Pain

Strain & Sprain (Sports Injury)
Surgical Pain
Tennis Elbow

Learn more about these treatment areas Visit the areas of pain page

Being a laser therapy patient is easy

Feel comfortable

Our technology requires minimal touching, while you stay clothed over non-treatment areas. Enjoy the gentle warming sensation.

Save time

You can treat multiple issues in multiple body regions on the same visit. With 20 minute or less sessions.

Doctor supervised

Your care from start to finish is doctor supervised. All technicians are trained to treat your specific condition.

I am an active senior and suffered a sports related injury several years ago. After initial recovery I was left with very severe tendonitis in my lower leg. I received little relief from traditional ice and massage therapies. I underwent non-traditional injection therapy which, after initial discomfort, provided significant relief. As I continued my sports activities, the tendonitis returned several months later, but repeating the injection therapy provided little relief.
I then tried laser therapy, which provided instant relief and no discomfort. I was able to immediately continue my activities…
– G. DeVicci
Recently I suffered a torn meniscus and the recommended treatment was either physical therapy or a laser treatment….After the first laser treatment, I noticed significant improvement in the pain and tenderness I was experiencing.  Now two months later, I have zero effects from the torn meniscus!
– J. Rubin

How does laser therapy work?

Class IV therapeutic lasers decrease tissue inflammation and reduce pain. Like getting the best of ice and heat at the same time. But the technology does more than that.


Lasers can also accelerate a healing response in the body. This happens by a response in the body called photobiomodulation, where chemical reactions happen in response to light.


Light energy to stressed and damaged cells can actually increase their healing activity. Like boosting battery power, laser energy increases the energy level of damaged and stressed cells, reducing healing time frames.


There are several known positive effects from consistent laser treatment:

  • More Blood Flow: laser increases blood flow to the treatment area, and can even produce development of new blood vessels.
  • Improve Collagen: laser increases production of collagen in the treatment area, which makes tissue in the treatment area healthier and more elastic while tending to reduce scar tissue.
  • Improve Cartilage: laser increases the signs of cartilage health.
  • Muscle Healing: laser helps muscle cells regenerate and become stronger.
  • Healthy Inflammation Response: laser accelerates and reduces the inflammation process by bringing certain inflammatory cells to the treatment area (macrophages, neutrophils, and lymphocytes).
  • Nerve Healing: laser accelerates nerve regeneration (myelin formation).
  • Bone Healing: laser increases the activity of the cells that regenerate bone (osteocytes).

First time patients try the healing warmth of our technology without risk

It’s easy to claim your free 10 minute trial session with our Class IV high powered laser therapy. Many first-time patients even experience a noticeable change in their symptoms after their initial trial session.

Reduce your use of prescriptions, over-the-counter drugs, and injections

Reduce your rest time for healing

Get active again


This is a limited time offer for a trial session of Class IV laser therapy


As you make your trial appointment at our nearest location, please keep in mind:

  • This is a popular offer
  • There may be a limited number of sample sessions with our area provider
  • Contact us today to find out when our next available appointment is available for you with our nearest provider

As you get ready to call us, you should know…

  • There’s absolutely no obligation to continue laser sessions beyond your free trial
  • Not everyone who calls for a free trial is a good fit for laser therapy based on their history
  • You’re guaranteed to get our provider’s best estimation of your success, and you’ll only be accepted as a laser therapy patient if success is likely in your case

Laser therapy is a powerful healing technology, so call today to learn your potential for success and to claim your initial free trial session…the sooner you start the better!


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